an easy-to-use dynamic service discovery, configuration and service management platform for building cloud native applications

Released on Nov 30, 2023


Dynamic Configuration Service

Dynamic Configuration Service allows you to manage configurations in all environments in a centralized, externalized, and dynamic approach. Dynamic configuration saves you from redeploying your applications and services when configuration is updated. You can implement stateless services and achieve on-demand scaling effortlessly.

Service Discovery and Management

Dynamic Service Discovery is key to service-centric (for example microservice or cloud-native) architectures. Nacos supports both DNS-based and RPC-based (Dubbo, gRPC) service discovery, and provides real-time service health checks to prevent routing requests from being sent to unhealthy hosts or service instances. With Nacos, you can also implement circuit breakers for your services with ease.

Dynamic DNS Service

By supporting weighted routing, Dynamic DNS Service helps you implement mid-tier load balancing, more flexible routing, traffic control and DNS resolution services in the production environment within your data center. Dynamic DNS Service also makes it easier for you to implement DNS-based service discovery, which minimizes the risk of coupling to vendor-specific service discovery APIs.

microservice ecosystem landscape

Why Nacos

  • Easy to use

    • One-stop solution for dynamic service discovery, configuration management and dynamic DNS service
    • 20+ out-of-the-box features for service-centric architectures
    • Light-weight production-ready console
  • More adaptive to cloud architectures

    • Seamlessly support kubernetes and spring cloud
    • Easier to deploy and run on popular public cloud (for example AliCloud and AWS)
    • Support multi-tenants and multi-environments
  • Production grade

    • Originated from time-tested internal products from Alibaba Group
    • Supports large-scale scenarios with millions of services
    • Open-source product with enterprise-level SLA
  • Rich internet application scenarios affinity

    • Supports rate throttling, big promotion plans, and multi-region active-active architectures
    • Supports a variety of relevant internet-based use cases directly or with slight extension
    • Traffic scheduling & service governance

Who is using Nacos

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