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双十一献礼 | Nacos Star破两万的回顾与展望

Nacos Github Star数突破两万,从18年开始开源受到大家的普遍关注,借此机会向大家回顾一下Nacos的发展和后续的规划,帮助大家更了解Nacos。

Nov 3, 2021

Nacos 2.0.1 + 1.4.2 发布,业界率先支持MCP-OVER-XDS协议!

Nacos 2.0.1 + 1.4.2 发布,在业界内,率先支持MCP-OVER-XDS协议,更好的践行控制平面和数据平面解耦的架构,在Mesh领域中会得到更大规模应用。

May 10, 2021


文章整理自虎牙基础保障部中间件团队负责人张波(社区ID:zhangjimmy)在Dubbo Meetup 广州站沙龙上的分享,介绍虎牙在DNS、服务注册、CMDB和服务配置中心等方面的实践。

Feb 10,2019

Open Source Ecology Corelated

Dubbo and Dubbo Mesh

Dubbo and Nacos are the classic combination from production practice of Alibaba's large-scale micro-service. Compared to traditional registry centers such as ZooKeeper and configuration center solutions, when building a microservice application platform by using cloud native and Service Mesh paradigm, with the use of Nacos in Dubbo, all the power of Dubbo in the large-scale microservice management, traffic management, service integration and sharing can be fully released.

Kubernetes and CNCF

Nacos supports service discovery and dynamic configuration management required by Kubernetes and CNCF. Nacos can replace completely and seamlessly Kubernetes’ primary DNS-based Service Discovery solutions. Nacos is featured with providing more service governance, which includes management of service domain, service health and life cycle management, traffic management and intelligent routing strategy management and etc. Nacos also enhances the management of ConfigMap, including version configuration and gated launch and etc.

Spring Cloud

Nacos is fully compatible and seamlessly supports the relevant API and main related functions of Spring Cloud. You can use Nacos as a configuration service for Spring Cloud Config Server or a better alternative for product of service discovery such as Eureka/Consul/ZooKeeper and etc. Nacos brings many feature enhancements required by the production and micro-service governance in configuration management and service management.

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