Quick Start for Nacos

This topic is about how to set up and use Nacos.


Before you begin, install the following:

  1. 64bit OS: Linux/Unix/Mac/Windows supported, Linux/Unix/Mac recommended.
  2. 64bit JDK 1.8+: downloads, JAVA_HOME settings.
  3. Maven 3.2.x+: downloads, settings.

2.Download & Build from Release

There are two ways to get Nacos.

1)Download source code from Github

cd nacos/
mvn -Prelease-nacos clean install -U  
cd nacos/distribution/target/nacos-server-0.8.0/nacos/bin

2)Download run package

zip package Download

tar.gz package Download

  unzip  OR tar -xvf nacos-server-0.9.0.tar.gz
  cd nacos/bin

3.Start Server


Run the following command to sart(standalone means non-cluster mode):

sh -m standalone

If you are using a ubuntu system, or encounter this error message [[symbol not found, try running as follows:

bash -m standalone


Run the following command to start:

cmd startup.cmd

Or double-click the startup.cmd run file.

4.Service & Configuration Management

Service registration

curl -X POST ''

Service discovery

curl -X GET ''

Publish config

curl -X POST ""

Get config

curl -X GET ""

5.Shutdown Servers




cmd shutdown.cmd

Or click the shutdown.cmd file operation.