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Nacos 配置中心安全问题汇总及解决方案 Know more

Introduction to the Nacos Reward Program

I. Activity Task List

  • Review the official website content, locate bugs, and provide constructive suggestions for both Chinese and English versions.
  • Read through both Chinese and English documentation, identify errors, and suggest improvements, especially focusing on suboptimal English translations.
  • Test the code compilation, packaging, Nacos server startup/shutdown process, and propose enhancements.
  • Configure and initiate multi-node Nacos cluster mode tasks, offering improvement feedback.
  • Utilize the Nacos Java SDK and provide improvement suggestions.
  • Try the Nacos Open API and contribute suggestions for improvement.
  • Follow the ‘How to Contribute to Nacos Documentation’ guide and propose enhancements to the contributor process.
  • Share your requirements, development plans, ideas, and expectations for Nacos.

II. Participation Method

  • Scan the WeChat QR code of “Super Brother” to be included in the “Nacos Community Discussion Group.”
  • Select one or more tasks from Section I.
  • After discovering issues or bugs, follow the ‘Issue Reporting Method’ detailed in Section III and assign it to the GitHub user xuechaos.

III. Issue Reporting Method

  • Submit issues based on the issue template in the Nacos GitHub repository.
  • For code repository issues, submit pull requests for fixes, which upon review and approval will merge into the main branch, earning you the title of Contributor.

IV. Task Rewards

  • Customized gifts featuring the Nacos logo are being prepared for participants who make significant contributions, with consideration for shipping these gifts to standout contributors.
  • Although the gifts are modest, they symbolize our gratitude for your assistance.
  • With limited funding, we can only offer 40 gifts at present, hence participation is capped at 40 individuals on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Recipients are encouraged, if willing, to share a photo (with the option to conceal their face) with the gift for potential use in future community event materials.

V. Additional Notes

  • While we cannot guarantee the adoption of every suggestion, we strive to explain our considerations for those not implemented.
  • Preferably, utilize the mailing list or report issues instead of WeChat group discussions to document and facilitate communication and knowledge preservation.