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Nacos 配置中心安全问题汇总及解决方案 Know more

Submitting Request Templates

Do not submit requests without creating corresponding issues.

Purpose of the Change


Brief Changelog


Verifying This Change


Adhere to this checklist to facilitate the swift and effortless incorporation of your contribution:

  • Ensure a Github issue exists for the change (typically before starting work), except for trivial changes like typos. Your pull request should address solely this issue, avoiding inclusion of additional changes – one PR resolves one issue.
  • Format the pull request title as [ISSUE #123] Fix UnknownException when host config not exist. Each commit within the pull request should have a meaningful subject and body.
  • Compose a pull request description that sufficiently elucidates the change, its methodology, and rationale.
  • Develop necessary unit tests to validate your logic corrections, employing more mocks when dealing with cross-module dependencies. If introducing a new feature or significant modification, remember to include integration tests in the test module.
  • Execute mvn -B clean apache-rat:check findbugs:findbugs to confirm the passage of fundamental checks. Run mvn clean install -DskipITs to ensure unit tests pass. Execute mvn clean test-compile failsafe:integration-test to verify the success of integration tests.
  • For substantial contributions, please submit an Apache Individual Contributor License Agreement.