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Nacos 0.9.0版本进行发布

Nacos 0.9.0版本发布啦

Nacos 发布 0.9.0 版本,该版本加强了 Nacos-Sync 稳定性,增加了监控体系,完善了测试用例,并且支持 Naming 和 Config 的分模块启动,此外还修复了社区提出的一些 issues:

  • [#412] Nacos can support Dubbo service registration discovery and configuration management
  • [#388] Cluster name should be provided in the Instance
  • [#377] Clean up messy code in Naming module
  • [#369] Support instance list persisted on disk
  • [#366] Findbugs-maven-plugin version
  • [#362] The metadata will lost when online or offline instance through web ui
  • [#352] Refactoring internationalization Nacos console
  • [#278] Nacos docker img
  • [#243] Optimize the efficiency of integration testing, it’s taking too long now

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