Nacos Developer Roles

Nacos developers include three roles: Maintainer, Committer, and Contributor. The standard definitions for each role are as follows.


Maintainer is an individual who has made a significant contribution to the evolution and development of the Nacos project, including projects under the nacos-group. Specifically includes the following criteria:

  • Completing the design and development of multiple key modules or projects, is an core developer of the project
  • Continuous investment and passion, can actively participate in the maintenance of related matters such as community, official website, issue, PR, etc.
  • Has a visible influence in the community and is able to represent Nacos in important community meetings and events
  • Have the consciousness and ability to cultivate Committer and Contributor


Committer is an individual with write access to the Nacos repository and includes the following criteria:

  • An individual who can contribute to the issue and PR continuously for a long time;
  • Participate in the maintenance of the issue list and discussion of important features;
  • Participate in code review;


Contributor is an individual who contributes to the Nacos project. The standard is:

  • Submitted a PR that is merged;

Nacos Developer Rights and Obligations


Nacos Team

This page shows Nacos developers and continues to expand. The list is not prioritized.


Github ID Name Organization Roles Mail
xuechaos Xuechao Xing Alibaba Maintainer
yanlinly Yanlin Li Alibaba Maintainer
loadchange Yanmin Wang ele Maintainer
nkorange Pengfei Zhu Shopee Maintainer
chuntaojun Chuntao Liao Tencent Maintainer
paderlol Pader Zhang Shareworks Maintainer
KomachiSion Yi Yang Alibaba Maintainer
binbin0325 Binbin Zhang DiDi Maintainer
zhangjimmy Bo Zhang Huya Committer
nanamikon Jian Zhou Huya Committer
lzp0412 Zhipeng Li Ant Financial Committer
pguo65535 Ping Guo Alibaba Committer
hxy1991 Xiaoyu Huang Alibaba Committer
mingyixu Xiaochun Xu Alibaba Committer
JianweiWang Jianwei Wang Alibaba Committer
jameslcj Chen li Alibaba Committer
mercyblitz Mercy Ma Alibaba Committer
fangjian0423 Jian Fang Alibaba Committer
wyp12 Yuanpiao Wu Alibaba Committer
TsingLiang Liang qing Alibaba Committer
caojiele Jiele Cao Sinocare Committer
KeRan213539 Ying Xie ShengDa Committer
zongtanghu Zongtang Hu China Mobile Cloud Centre Committer
Maijh97 Jianhui Mai Yunliuchain Committer
wangweizZZ Wei Wang China Mobile Cloud Centre Committer
horizonzy Yan Zhao Dmall(Cheng Du) Committer
catcherwong Wenqing Huang Lianou Health Technology Committer
haoyann Hao Yan Shusheng Chengdu Technology Committer
shiyiyue1102 Zunfei Liu Alibaba Committer
JackSun-Developer Li Sun Alibaba Committer
brotherlu-xcq Lu Cheng KuJiaLe Committer
li-xiao-shuang XiaoShuang Li DiDi Committer
MajorHe1 Fan He WeBank Committer
hujun-w-2 Jun Hu Xiaomi Committer
onewe Wenchao Mao Independent developer Committer
chenhao26-nineteen Hao Chen Xiaomi Committer
shenkonghui Konghui Shen Harmony Cloud Committer
CherishCai Hongwen Cai Ant Financial Committer
The-Gamer-01 Yixuan Huang Jishou University Committer


Github ID Name Organization Roles Mail
wfnuser Qinghao Huang ByteDance Contributor