Quick Start for Nacos Docker


Run the following command:

  • Clone project

    git clone
    cd nacos-docker
  • Stand-alone Derby

    docker-compose -f example/standalone-derby.yaml up
  • Stand-alone MySQL

To use MySQL 5.7, run

docker-compose -f example/standalone-mysql-5.7.yaml up

To use MySQL 8, run

docker-compose -f example/standalone-mysql-8.yaml up
  • Cluster

    docker-compose -f example/cluster-hostname.yaml up 
  • Service registration

    curl -X POST ''
  • Service discovery

    curl -X GET ''
  • Publish config

    curl -X POST ""
  • Get config

      curl -X GET ""
  • Open the Nacos console in your browser


Common property configuration

name description option
MODE cluster/standalone cluster/standalone default cluster
NACOS_SERVERS nacos cluster address eg. ip1:port1 ip2:port2 ip3:port3
PREFER_HOST_MODE Whether hostname are supported hostname/ip default ip
NACOS_APPLICATION_PORT nacos server port default 8848
NACOS_SERVER_IP custom nacos server ip when network was mutil-network
SPRING_DATASOURCE_PLATFORM standalone support mysql mysql / empty default empty
MYSQL_SERVICE_PORT mysql database port default : 3306
MYSQL_SERVICE_DB_NAME mysql database name
MYSQL_SERVICE_USER username of database
MYSQL_SERVICE_PASSWORD password of database
MYSQL_DATABASE_NUM It indicates the number of database default :1
MYSQL_SERVICE_DB_PARAM Database url parameter default:characterEncoding=utf8&connectTimeout=1000&socketTimeout=3000&autoReconnect=true&useSSL=false
JVM_XMS -Xms default :1g
JVM_XMX -Xmx default :1g
JVM_XMN -Xmn default :512m
JVM_MS -XX:MetaspaceSize default :128m
JVM_MMS -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize default :320m
NACOS_DEBUG enable remote debug y/n default :n
TOMCAT_ACCESSLOG_ENABLED server.tomcat.accesslog.enabled default :false
NACOS_AUTH_SYSTEM_TYPE The auth system to use, currently only 'nacos' is supported default :nacos
NACOS_AUTH_ENABLE If turn on auth system default :false
NACOS_AUTH_TOKEN_EXPIRE_SECONDS The token expiration in seconds default :18000
NACOS_AUTH_TOKEN The default token default :SecretKey012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789
NACOS_AUTH_CACHE_ENABLE Turn on/off caching of auth information. By turning on this switch, the update of auth information would have a 15 seconds delay. default : false
MEMBER_LIST Set the cluster list with a configuration file or command-line argument eg:,,
EMBEDDED_STORAGE Use embedded storage in cluster mode without mysql embedded default : none
NACOS_AUTH_CACHE_ENABLE nacos.core.auth.caching.enabled default : false
NACOS_AUTH_USER_AGENT_AUTH_WHITE_ENABLE nacos.core.auth.enable.userAgentAuthWhite default : false
NACOS_AUTH_IDENTITY_KEY nacos.core.auth.server.identity.key default : serverIdentity
NACOS_AUTH_IDENTITY_VALUE nacos.core.auth.server.identity.value default : security
NACOS_SECURITY_IGNORE_URLS default : /,/error,/**/*.css,/**/*.js,/**/*.html,/**/*.map,/**/*.svg,/**/*.png,/**/*.ico,/console-fe/public/**,/v1/auth/**,/v1/console/health/**,/actuator/**,/v1/console/server/**

Nacos + Grafana + Prometheus

Usage reference:Nacos monitor-guide

Note: When Grafana creates a new data source, the data source address must be http://prometheus:9090

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