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Nacos 配置中心安全问题汇总及解决方案 Know more

Quick Start for Nacos

This topic is about how to set up and use Nacos.

0.Choose Version

Nacos 1.X is old version. Recommend you use 2.X version. Please move to document.

You can see the introduction of each version at release notes or [blog](, the current recommended version is 2.2.3.


Before you begin, install the following:

  1. 64bit OS: Linux/Unix/Mac/Windows supported, Linux/Unix/Mac recommended.
  2. 64bit JDK 1.8+: downloads, JAVA_HOME settings.
  3. Maven 3.2.x+: downloads, settings.

2.Download & Build from Release

There are two ways to get Nacos.

1)Download source code from Github

Terminal window
git clone
cd nacos/
mvn -Prelease-nacos -Dmaven.test.skip=true clean install -U
ls -al distribution/target/
// change the $version to your actual path
cd distribution/target/nacos-server-$version/nacos/bin

2)Download run package

Select the latest stable version from

Terminal window
unzip nacos-server-$ OR tar -xvf nacos-server-$version.tar.gz
cd nacos/bin

3.Start Server


Run the following command to start(standalone means non-cluster mode):

sh -m standalone

If you are using a ubuntu system, or encounter this error message [[symbol not found, try running as follows:

bash -m standalone


Run the following command to start(standalone means non-cluster mode):

cmd startup.cmd -m standalone

4.Service & Configuration Management

Service registration

curl -X POST ''

Service discovery

curl -X GET ''

Publish config

curl -X POST ""

Get config

curl -X GET ""

5.Shutdown Servers




cmd shutdown.cmd

Or click the shutdown.cmd file operation.